Presentations featuring our findings


What Does it Mean to ‘Live Healthily’ with Social Media?

September 2022. University of Birmingham Institute of Applied Health Research.

Chadwick, A., C. Vaccari and N-A. Hall. ‘Covid Vaccines and Online Personal Messaging: The Challenge of Challenging Everyday Misinformation’.

Vaccines and Misinformation

September 2022. Demos and the University of Warwick, ‘Beyond Content Moderation: Alternative methods for tackling vaccine hesitancy’.

American Sociological Association Media Sociology Symposium

August 2022. Online

N-A. Hall, A. Chadwick and C. Vaccari. ‘”I would always be careful about what I receive”: Online misinformation, epistemic norms, and social distinction’.

International Communication Association Annual Conference

May 2022. Inter-divisional panel organized by Andrew Chadwick: ‘Everyday Misinformation and Correction on Private Social Media: Relationality, affordances, and emergent norms’.

Chadwick, A., C. Vaccari and N-A. Hall. ‘What people talk about when they talk about misinformation on private social media’.